The GcMAF Book explains how we can eradicate cancer

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Cancer is a war waged in our bodies on a submicroscopic molecular scale. Taking a keen interest in this war wouldn’t be a bad idea, as its outcome will eventually determine whether about a third of us will live or die. The advent of Nagalase testing and GcMAF therapy gives us reason to hope and expect that we can soon eradicate the specter of cancer.

GcMAF is a research-proven cancer therapy—a human protein that activates specific immune cells (macrophages) that attack and destroy cancer cells.

Nagalse is the equivalent of a cholesterol test for cancer. Just as the presence of high levels of cholesterol indicate a high risk for atherosclerotic plaque, a high Nagalse level indicates the presence of cancer.

Nagalase, made by all cancer cells, blocks the immune response by sabotaging the production of GcMAF. This enables cancer to grow and spread. Without Nagalase, cancer cells wouldn't have a chance: our immune system's macrophage cells would just gobble them up.

When, in cancer patients, Nagalase has crippled normal production of GcMAF, administering it via injection bypasses the Nagalase-induced paralysis of the immune response. GcMAF injections re-activate the immune cells which then aggressively destroy cancer cells. The result is tumor shrinkage, cancer remission, and lower Nagalase levels.

Nagalase testing and GcMAF therapy could save millions of lives that would otherwise be lost to cancer.

Read The GcMAF Book.